The Canadian School of French Marquetry
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About the Instructor

After retiring from a career of building wooden boats, Paul Miller turned his artistic and woodworking  talents to furniture making, leading him to marquetry and finally to French marquetry. Having built his first chevalet and taught himself the basics he attended The American School of French Marquetry and studied under Patrick Edwards and Patrice Lejeune.

It was while attending ASFM that he realized the value of learning from knowledgeable teachers and how much there was to learn about all the little things that surround  the obvious cutting and assembly of marquetry.

He has a passion for marquetry and a great respect for the old masters and their proven ways but is also aware that in this day and age there are technologies and tools available that were not available to the ebenistes of bygone days. Classes at The Canadian School of French Marquetry reflect this fusion of respect for the history of the art and the realization that some modern practices can seamlessly fit alongside it.

It was only after the completion of his Pierre Gole inspired jewellery box in 2015, and with the encouragement of his own teachers, that he made the decision to open this school to increase awareness of the chevalet and of French marquetry techniques.

 Now with the school up and running he looks forward to inspiring each class of new students the way his own teachers inspired him.