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Course Dates and Registration

To apply please email us at and include the following:

Your name, address, email, and phone number.

The course(s) you wish to take.

Any marquetry or woodworking experience that you may have. (None required)

The courses were previously given over five days (approximately 35 hours + or -) and involve lots of hands on cutting, assembling, and mounting. Students will complete and mount several pieces of their own marquetry. With time constraints eased we will be adding even more content.

The cost is $550 (CAD) per class.

Payment can be made by E Transfer (within Canada) or PayPal. (Credit cards can be accommodated through PayPal.)

New Interactive Video Format for 2020

As of fall 2019 classes will no longer be held in our shop. We have instead developed a series of in depth teaching videos that will allow students to experience the classes in almost exactly the same way as in the shop. These privately shared videos will be accompanied by close one on one supervision in the form of extensive email or messenger contact and by our critiques of student generated videos. As in the shop all critical materials will be supplied along with the videos and necessary patterns.

We have done a trial of this format and have been very satisfied that the experience is at least as good and probably better than the in shop experience.

Students can now work at their own pace in the comfort of their home or shop and save the expense of travel and accommodation. An additional benefit is the permanent video record of the teaching points.

Students will need to supply a saw. While we teach and highly recommend a chevalet, the classes can be completed with a good scroll saw.  The savings in travel and accommodation will buy either, in fact a chevalet can be built for much less.

Course content and pricing is unchanged. In fact everything other than the location remains as stated on this site.

Payments by E Transfer or PayPal can be made to: