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CSFM Chevalet Kits

As of Fall 2016 The Canadian School Of French Marquetry is offering CNC cut kits for the plywood model chevalet.

We are offering a range of options to best suit the woodworking abilities and budgets of our students and customers.

1) The basic kit is composed of all the plywood pieces required to assemble the structural part of the chevalet. These pieces are CNC cut to exact dimensions and guarantee excellent fits. They include 1/4” alignment holes to aid in accurate assembly. They are cut from 13 ply cabinet grade plywood for maximum strength and appearance….. $400 CAD

2) The basic Kit pre assembled. This is the same kit except that the basic elements have been glued up. Very little more assembly is required….. $500 CAD

3) The solid wood parts kit includes the rest of the wooden parts required to complete the build…. $650 CAD

4) The hardware kit includes the blade clamps, bearings and all the other necessary hardware….. $300 CAD

Finished Kit in basic plywood with clear finish.

Hammer veneering is an attractive option

Kendra’s beautiful Mahogany veneered chevalet

5) We also offer the whole chevalet assembled, tested and broken back down. At this point there are only a few glue joints to assemble and the chevalet should be useable within a few hours…… $2000 CAD

Prices are in Canadian dollars and are FOB, our shop.